How to Turn Your Job Interview Into A Job Offer

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the final candidate for a job offer. It’s not just about experience or qualifications, but how you present yourself as a whole package. Personality, culture fit, and a host of other factors help hiring managers narrow down a list of hundreds to just one.

While qualifications and experience play a big role in the initial selection, the interview is meant for the new company to get to really know who you are as an employee. To successfully turn your interview into a job offer, keep these four points in mind:

Don’t just regurgitate what’s on your resume, dive deeper into it and explain what you’ve done.

One of the first questions that’s asked is ‘Why are you the best candidate?’ While this seems like an easy question to answer, it’s actually the place that most candidates make the least impact in their interview. It’s easy to get bogged down in simply reciting your current or past responsibilities and spouting off statistics, but that doesn’t do you any favors. The interviewer knows what’s on your resume, so use the time to dive deeper into it and explain what you’ve done.

Weave your experience into a story that takes the interviewer on a journey as you explain how your experience will translate to the position you’re applying for. Storytelling is one of the most powerful methods of communication as it engages the listener and draws them in to what you’re talking about. When talking about statistics, explain the steps you took to achieve them by saying ‘I got result by doing x, y, and z.’

Show your future employer what you will specifically contribute that someone else can’t.

This is where you get to brag about yourself – in the right way. You need to be able to qualify everything you’re saying. Think of it in terms of adding a reason to each point you make. You want to talk about the specific things that set you apart from others in as much detail as possible. Show them the value you’ll add to their workplace. Talk about your best characteristics. Be boldly self-promotional. This is your time to shine so don’t hold back. A word of caution – avoid these two phrases: ‘I’m the best in the field.’ and ‘You won’t find anyone who’s as dedicated as I am!’